Coconut Creek Fire Backflow Testing



Coconut Creek Fire Backflow Testing

Protect your fire sprinkler system in Coconut Creek with fire backflow testing from ABC Backflow. Business established in 2014, we are one of the few contractors in Broward County that is insured, bonded, and licensed to inspect, install, and repair all types and sizes of backflow devices for commercial and residential properties. Our certified experts offer thorough inspections, precise testing, and prompt repair and maintenance of fire backflow prevention systems, ensuring the stagnant water in your fire sprinkler system is pure and non-hazardous. We pride ourselves on our efficient processes, affordable annual testing contracts, timely repairs, and proactive maintenance.

In Coconut Creek, fire backflow testing in sprinkler systems is crucial. The backflow in fire sprinkler systems can be dangerous because a large volume of water stays stagnant inside a property’s sprinkler system unless a fire activates, the sprinkler water line breaks, or during a test. Therefore, the stagnant water can become infected with mold and algae and might flow back into the main water line. Public safety officials do not want this as it can put the building occupants and the community around them in danger. Without an approved technology in place to prevent the backflow of contaminated water, the earth’s gravity will easily push the dirty water that’s been stagnant for many weeks or months back into the main water supply and cause serious health issues.

Backflow Management

The county’s water corporation department can fine you or shut off the entire water supply to your building or the domestic water supply if you fail to obtain annual Coconut Creek fire backflow testing and maintenance. While the sprinklers will work, the toilet, showers, and sinks will not have water. Backflow testing is mandated in the state of Florida, and therefore, it is against the law if you fail to get the device inspected, certified, and repaired annually. If you have any questions about your device, need to schedule an inspection, start an AMC, or believe there’s a problem with your backflow preventer, call the experts at ABC Backflow.

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