North Lauderdale Fire Backflow Testing



North Lauderdale Fire Backflow Testing

Are you from North Lauderdale? Need fire backflow testing? Schedule an appointment with ABC Backflow - don’t let the contaminated water in the sprinkler system move in the wrong direction into your drinking water supply instead of out of it. A fire backflow prevention device is an approved technology that keeps dirty and contaminated stagnant water stored inside the sprinkler system from entering the main water supply, making sure it travels only one side – out. However, if you fail to maintain or test the device periodically through a licensed, insured, and bonded inspection company, or if the device is uninstalled or used incorrectly, the water can flow back, contaminating the public water supply.

This makes ABC Backflow in North Lauderdale fire backflow testing critical for both your sprinkler system and backflow prevention devices. We are a licensed company, established in 2014, that provides professional inspection, repair, upgrade, and maintenance for all types and models of fire backflow prevention systems installed in commercial and residential buildings. According to state laws, a main drain test should be conducted annually for each water-supply inlet connected to a building’s water-based fire protection system. By conducting the test, any changes in the water pressure or quality that could impact the community can be identified and addressed promptly.

Backflow Management

As backflow poses to a legitimate health concern, ABC backflow will be there with you at every step of the process. Whether you want to install a new backflow preventer in your residential or commercial property or schedule routine maintenance in North Lauderdale or fire backflow testing, you can count on us to provide certified solutions that oblige regulatory compliance at a reasonable cost. ABC Backflow’s experience and knowledge of local codes allow us to keep you compliant, no matter your location. Contact us for annual inspection, forward-flow and main drain tests, inspection documentation preparation, and testing of all types of prevention assembles for restaurants, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, educational centers, homes and office buildings, and public places.

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