Backflow Preventer Testing Dade County



Backflow Preventer Testing Dade County

It is important that you conduct your Backflow Preventer Testing in Dade County annually as required by the Water and Sewer Department. This testing is done to identify any leaks that can cause harmful chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful materials to contaminate your water supply. At ABC Backflow, our specialists will conduct your testing in accordance with all rules and regulations. Our team is certified and trained to perform backflow testing as well as identifying, diagnosing, and repairing any faults that could cause your system to cause an issue with maintaining certification. Penalties for code violations exist for those who do not comply with annual testing and certification.

By upholding all codes and regulations and providing annual Backflow Preventer Testing for Dade County clients, ABC Backflow offers unmatched customer service and affordable rates. The testing process involves checking the spring-loaded check valve that allows water to travel in one direction only and prevents cross-contamination of drinking water as it enters your home or business. A properly operating backflow preventer is crucial for the health of the community by preventing leaks from going unnoticed until a larger problem occurs. Since toxins can pass unnoticed and cause illness, it is essential that your system is tested for leaks and certified annually. At ABC Backflow, our services are fully guaranteed.

Backflow Management

Prevent contamination by investing in regular backflow preventer testing in Dade and do your part in maintaining a healthy water supply. ABC Backflow provides regular testing services in order to prevent leaks from going unnoticed until a larger problem occurs. When issues arise that require repairs in order to pass testing and receive certifications, our team is there to offer unmatched customer service. Call today to learn more.

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